Welcome to Leapfrog

We are one of the leading companies in the Nordic region in the field of coaching and coach training

Business idea:

To accelerate learning in life and leadership, through coaching and train the trainer for specialists & leaders.


What we do:

• Train coaches to become really professional.
• Provide experienced consultants and leaders as professional coaches - for individuals, teams and organisations.
• Train internal key personnel to use a coach approach.



Skills: We have gathered the most experienced coaches in Sweden to train our participants and provide an opportunity for international certification.
Professionalism: We stand for seriosity and knowledge in a growing market and create value by linking the coachee´s development to bottom line results in corporations.
Engagement: We listen to our customers and we are prepared to “walk an extra mile" to create excellent customer satisfaction. First serve, then deserve is one of our mottos.

Background and resources:

Leapfrog AB was founded in 1994 by Håkan Schyllert, who runs the company from the Stockholm office. Our long experience with coaching and coach training gives us today a unique position in Sweden and the Nordic market.

Extensive collaboration with other coaching organisations in USA and Europe (ACTO), as well as deep involvement with ICF (International Coach Federation), anchors us globally and gives our customers access to a worldwide network.