Career Coaching

"Just when you get to the top of your ladder you realize it's up against the wrong wall" - Joseph Campbell

Career coaching contains both coaching and counseling, which requires different skills. A good career coach has of course competence in both areas. Often we need help to see our patterns, how we limit ourselves what we avoid and are afraid of. And we also need to highlight our strengths as well as what we need to develop. How we present ourselves in different settings, what our own job market looks like and how we best get there, are other areas of focus for a career coach.

Career coaching should lead you to your best role, tasks and contexts, now and in the future. Your strengths should be put at work so you develop your talent and potential. You will see that your talents are suitable for tasks that you probably have not considered. Climbing upward is just one way - and it's not always right.

Our skills in career coaching were grounded in the 1990's. Our program aims at creating insights that makes it easier for you to find your path forward. The program has three steps and several sub-areas;
• Self-awareness - makes you discover more of yourself and your potential
• Current and future work function, organisation and contextual surrounding.
• Planning, goal setting and actions based on a personal marketing plan.

As a client you do a lot of excercises and start a development process that often is ongoing long after the end of the program. The work is usually done individually, but inhouse (company-based) programs can also be conducted in groups. This creates above all increased internal mobility, better staff performance evaluations and increased motivationamongst employees.

Our expertise

We only offer career coaches who have dual competencies. They are trained and experienced as coaches and as such certified by the ICF (International Coaching Federation). And they are councellors in career issues. In assignments for managers we choose career coaches who also have leadership experience. Most often we can offer you to meet more career coaches before making your choice.

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